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Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID, is a program whose goal is to close the achievement gap and prepare all students for college or other post-secondary endeavors.   AVID is an elective course that encourages its students to enroll in advance placement courses while preparing them to do so.  In this course students are taught skills to assist them in pursing their goals and admirations. 

As a substitute teacher, I have had the privilege of briefly teaching middle school students who are apart of this program.  Unlike many energetic 7th graders, the students of the AVID program were eager to learn and were interested in my current university standing.  I found it extremely exhilarating to see such young students who were enthusiastic about being college bound.

In order to be apart of an AVID program, students must apply and complete the application process; usually consisting of an interview.

The program spans from the elementary level to the higher education level. AVID Higher Education is to support students who are attending a university or college.  The program on all levels emphasizes student success skills, organizational skills, and community partnerships.

To learn more about the AVID program, click here.

AVID Center in San Diego, California 

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