Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Classroom Tool Exploration

vis flicker.com

Throughout English 3043, we’ve been asked to consider four of several online tools.  These tools can all be used in the classroom in some form or fashion.  I chose the programs, Kahoot, VoiceThread, Canva, and Powtoon.
 Kahoot was the only program I was previously familiar with.  Through www.kahoot.com, anyone can create a survey or quiz.  I was excited to discover the versatility of this program.  Kahoot can be used a review game, and students can use it during presentations.
 VoiceThread was a new program to me! In VoiceThread, users can attach a video or audio file to slides.  Views can do the same.  This will be a great tool for virtual class discussions.
 Although I may not be using Canva as often, it was my favorite tool to explore!  Users can create posters, covers, flyers, etc.

PowToon was the most difficult, yet most rewarding tool to explore.  In PowToon, users are able to create short animated videos with voices overs, media, text, animation, etc.  This tool is great for lesson introductions, meetings, announcements, and at-home tutorials. 

Click here to learn more about online classroom tools.

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