Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Student Planning

The start of a new semester comes with a variety of emotions. Aside from being one semester closer to graduation, I always look forward to purchasing and organizing my school supplies for the new semesters. 

Creating a colorful and exciting study environment for myself has become apart of my necessities in terms of study motivation. 

I begin by assigning each course a color.  Each course is given either a matching notebook and folder, or a matching notebook and binder.  The covers of each notebook are decorated according to that courses content.

A planner has become an essential in my daily life.  A planner can alleviate a great deal of stress and can give you a clear view of the tasks at hand.  In my planner, I write down all due dates, study topics, and homework assignments.  These are then highlighted in color according to the course!

I love decorating my planner with stickers, gel pens, and motivational quotes. The Organized Student  is a great resource in student organization.  Many of her templates I have found to be very useful.

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The decorating aspect of organization may understandably not for many.  Every student should find a structural method that keeps then organized and motivated!

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