Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Friday Night Lights

The Friday Night Lights have become a staple in Texas culture.  Weekly football games filled with parents, fans, athletes, high school bands, cheerleaders, and drill teams!

In retrospect, drill team was an irreplaceable aspect of my high school experience.  Looking forward to performing every Friday night provided me the motivation to push myself academically.  Daily rehearsals required time management, extracurricular participation, and demanded a certain level of social maturity.

As a future educator, I often consider completing my dance certification and becoming a dance/drill team director.  Although those positions rarely become available, I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

In reality I have to consider the facts.  Compared to those who have continued their dance training into their collegiate years, do I have the credentials?

Regardless, I will forever be thankful for the opportunities that high school drill team provided me; friendships, experiences, skills, and so much more.

Click here for a brief glance at the history of drill teams across the nation.

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  1. I do know women who have supervised high school drill teams solely based on a) being on dance or drill back in the day or b) being a young woman willing to take on the task.