Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dress Code

Some of the most recent debates, regarding women’s rights, have been high school dress code.  As I reflect on my time in high school (only 3 years ago), I can recall many dress code debates.  Most were only amongst my peers, but occasionally someone would refuse to correct whichever rule they were violating.

            The dress code at my high school was relatively standard: dresses/shorts/skirts must reach 2 inches above the knee, sleeves must be at least 3 inches in width, etc. 

            Discrepancies were rarely seen during the winter months.  Summer, the season of sundresses and shorts, is when the conflict began. Young women often felt as though the dress code was designed towards the restriction of their wardrobe.  Aside from prohibiting inappropriate paraphernalia, boys rarely had issues with the dress code.

            Personally, I didn’t have a problem with the dress code.  I really believe that more schools should consider uniforms.  That single commonality among students can alleviate a great deal of social issues.  I have always seen the dress code as a rare standard that keeps students aware of the privilege of education.

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